Why Wireless Charging is Safer Than You Think

Why Wireless Charging is Safer Than You Think

Wireless charging is a convenient and hassle-free way to keep your phone's battery up throughout the day. However, some people believe that wireless charging can negatively impact battery health, causing it to degrade faster than wired charging. But is there any truth to these claims? Let's examine the facts and put these safety concerns to rest.

The Science Behind Wireless Charging

First of all, you need to understand how this technology works. Wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from a transmitter (wireless charger) to a receiver (your phone). There's a popular misconception that wireless chargers generate excess heat, which is the enemy of battery health. Excessive heat can cause irreversible damage to your battery's cells and reduce its capacity over time. That's why some think wireless charging is bad for your battery. However, this is not necessarily true for several reasons.

  • First, wireless charging does not generate that much heat to begin with, especially if you use a low-power charger (such as 5W or 10W) or a charger designed with heat dissipation technology (like our Mag Charge 2.0 and Horizon Charge 2.0) that prevents overheating. 
  • Second, modern smartphones have smart battery management systems that can monitor the temperature, adjust the charging speed, or stop it altogether if it gets too hot. There are also smart-saving power techniques you can do to make your phone battery last longer.
  • Third, wireless charging can reduce the wear and tear on your phone's charging port and cable, which can also affect your battery's health and overall performance.

Moreover, wireless charging sends power to your phone in short bursts, allowing the battery to relax and cool down.

Safety Concerns with Wireless Charging

Both wired and wireless charging methods are held to the same safety standards to guarantee safe usage and eliminate potential hazards. Additionally, most wireless chargers are designed with specific safety features, such as overcharging, short-circuit protection, and temperature control. Moreover, wireless chargers eliminate the risk of tripping over tangled cords or accidentally pulling your phone off a table when you pull on the charging cable, making it safer for your kids and pets at home.

Our chargers are certified by regulatory bodies such as CE, FCC, Qi, and RoHS to ensure safety and universal compatibility. Furthermore, we also follow the safety standards set by the Wireless Power Consortium, an international group focused on developing wireless charging technology for Qi wireless charging.

Why You Should Choose GravGoods

Now that we've established wireless charging is safe and reliable, let's discuss why you should choose GravGoods for charging and workspace needs.

Minimalist-Inspired Design

Our chargers are minimalist-inspired, which means they won't clutter your workspace. The sleek and modern design ensures your workspace remains clean and organized.

Cable-Free Products

With GravGoods wireless chargers, you'll never have to deal with tangled cords ever again. Imagine having a workspace that's free of clutter and stress-inducing wires, allowing you to have peace and clearer mind so you can focus on more important stuff.

Quality and Durability

All our products are made with high-quality materials. We understand the importance of having reliable products, which is why our chargers are built with durability and efficiency in mind.


Our wireless chargers are versatile and compatible with most devices, including both Apple and Android phones, and other Qi-compatible devices. You won't have to worry about needing a separate charger for each device you own.

Store Guarantees

We offer Free Insured Shipping worldwide, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and a Lifetime Product Warranty to ensure buyer protection and satisfaction.

Wireless charging is the future, and GravGoods is here to make sure you have access to wireless chargers that are safe, reliable, and optimized to deliver efficient charging without compromising on safety.