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Our Commitments

Dynamic Impact

We strive to provide products built to for long-term reliability & boosting productivity. This also means better sustainability from built-in features such as power-saving modes, waste reduction, and a reduction in electronic waste.

Buyer Protection

We prioritize client satisfaction with our 30-day money back guarantee & lifetime product warranty. Get in touch by email or a phone call +1(954) 281-2738

Free Shipping. Fast Delivery.

We offer free insured shipping worldwide. We ship from our warehouses in the USA and HK to fulfill all orders quickly no matter where you are.

Premium Quality Build

All products are subject to a comprehensive quality inspection to make sure no faulty items are ever sent.

We're On A Mission

We want to help over 10,000 people create their dream environment and workspace through our unique products & designs worldwide.

Through minimalist inspired products we aim to erase clutter and the stress it brings to people. At the same time, allow our productivity to flourish.

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Create Your Vibe

Your home is your temple, you should treat it like so. Cultivate the flow of your home & office with technology that inspires and elevates your space.


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