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We design our products with durability and efficiency in mind, with sustainability features such as power-saving modes and reduced electronic waste.

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To empower over 13,000 people worldwide to design their dream workspace with our minimalist-inspired products. We aim to erase clutter and the stress it brings to allow your productivity to flourish.


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I like to say I'm not messy, It's just organized chaos. But the Wave Charge made it so easy for me to take the first step to organizing my office.

Zach F.
Boca Raton, FL

Grav provided everything I needed from the get go - I didn't have to pay extra for an adapter or warranty like some companies. My iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch Series 6, and Airpod Pro charges fast enough for me considering its all at the same time.

Sandra T.
Boise, ID

The design of all-in-one chargers are super clever. It feels more like an investment in my home than just another product. Also, I won't have to keep spending money on cables and adapters in the long run. Definitely worth it!

Perry C.
Atlanta, GA

I appreciate the fact my Horizon Charge is cutting out future waste of cables and adapters. It's a small change but a step in the right direction. Customer service was also super helpful when my package got stolen the first time.

Jeremy S.
Houston, TX