Create a Workspace You Adore on a Limited Budget

Create a Workspace You Adore on a Limited Budget

Back in March of 2020, more people began to work from home than ever before. If you're still working from home, have always worked from home, or just began, here’s how you can create a space you love without breaking the bank. 

Introduce More Light

If you have insufficient light, you may feel more tired than necessary. Inadequate light can trick your body into thinking it's nighttime. In return, your body produces melatonin — a hormone that can promote sleep. 

Make sure the light is in front of you if you need to hold video conferences. Additionally, strive to let in as much natural light as possible. United Better Homes notes that sunlight can promote vitamin D production and also may boost mood better than artificial light. 

Get Comfortable

The level of productivity can be correlated to how comfortable you are as you work. An uncomfortable chair or poor ergonomics can directly – and negatively – affect your focus on the tasks at hand, so be sure to address any areas of discomfort, such as a poor posture due to a poorly designed chair, an old keyboard, and improper desk height.

Try a New Color Scheme

Consider adding a few accessories and decor that can enhance your home workspace. Even if you love pink, it may not be the best color for the decor in your office. Color can impact your mood, which can then affect your productivity level. For example, a warm grayish-beige decor and artwork can increase productivity by keeping your mind from wandering. Plus, this color is extremely versatile, so it's not as challenging to match accessories. 

Get New Applications 

You can increase the productivity of your home workspace without touching a wall or any of the decor. Look into apps for your phone or computer that allow you to better manage your business or keep track of your time. Consider apps that make telecommunication easier. Keep your phone and apple watch charged throughout the day with innovative wireless chargers from GravGoods.

Focus on Organizing 

As you're creating your space, focus on organizing. For example:

  • Implement a folder system to help store important documents rather than letting them accumulate. 
  • Add a mail storage space consisting of shelves, so you can immediately place the mail where it goes. 
  • Have a professional build custom cabinets to help you keep all your workstation items in their proper places. 
  • Invest in a desk that’s large enough to accommodate papers and books that you may need to refer to during your workday.


Add Plants

Plants provide your workspace with several benefits. They give you the ability to breathe in fresher air since plants are known to filter some of the toxins in the air. Prevention magazine points out that houseplants are also known to elevate your mood and help you forget about your stress

Use the Home Business Tax Deduction

The IRS allows tax deductions for individuals who use a portion of their home for business purposes. This includes things like deducting utilities and rent payments as well as buying office supplies or equipment. Taking advantage of these tax deductions can help reduce your overall tax liability, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money. Whether you run a home-based business out of an extra bedroom or an entire room in your house dedicated to work, qualifying for home office tax deductions is a smart way to save money and stay organized.

No Need for an Expensive Remodel 

You don't need a large savings account to create a workspace with an atmosphere that promotes productivity. Simple changes like getting comfortable for productivity, updating your apps, and staying organized can help you improve the space without costing you a fortune. You can save even further if you qualify for a home office tax deduction.